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Every few days we pick and present three artists from the Steemit comunity to share with you there work.

Each Artists post that we pick will receive an upvote, get resteemed and we will buy them a small boost.

If you enjoy the work we curate, then please upvote, resteem or follow the Artists to show your support. 

Here is todays top three Artists on Steemit…


This visually arresting watercolour, entitled Spirit Fox, has made todays top three choices because of the artists use of colour and interesting light source. I also enjoyed reading the artists post, which details the inspiration behind the work and the processes used to create it. Check out the Artists profile here to follow them and upvote their work.


This has made todays top three because it’s a really cool piece and I just love it. Great use of continuing and alternating patterns and motifs plus the vibrant colour quality. The artist also writes and you can check out the link to visit the post and read the accompanying work. Please don’t forget to follow and upvote this steemian to show your support.  You can visit their profile here.


This is ‘Just a quick sketch’ by agneslaczo and has been made using digital art software, Krita. I chose it for the third  artwork in todays series because I really love the elegant art deco style and simplicity of the illustration. Please show your support to the original artist by upvoting their post. Also head over to their profile here to check out more of their amazing work.