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Our mission is to pick and present to you three artists from the Steemit comunity and share with you their recent work.Each Artists post that we pick will receive an upvote, get resteemed and we will buy them a small boost. If you enjoy the work we curate, then please upvote, resteem or follow the Artists to show your support. Here is todays top three Artists on Steemit…


For our second curation post, I have found this beautiful painting of a spider. The detail is fantastic for such a small piece and I love that this steemian has painted it for their child, who is a little frightened of spiders as I think it really does portray the more loveable side of spiders. Check out Krasnecs page here to see more and remember to upvote and follow your favorites.  


Great Scott!!.. Here is another great piece of artwork curated from Steemit today. This study of the Doc from the movie ‘Back to the future’ is wonderful, The use of light and shadow in the face detail gives it alot of character, the background shadow creates tension and the sepia tones work really well. This painting is very visually striking and what’s more impressive is that it only took 45 minutes. To see more of this steemians talent visit their steemit page here  


It is difficult to pick just three pieces when searching for amazing Art on Steemit, there is so much out there, however this piece has really jumped out at me. This is a watercolour painting that has been digitally edited. The artists page can be viewed here, please remember to upvote and follow your favorite posts.