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I have rendered these fractals using JWildFire 3.3.1

I used the Galaxy Style to render the first fractal today in a blue format that resembles some type of deep sea creature, sort of like a jellyfish I think. The second fractal is in the style of┬áSierpinski and looks great in the bold colours, for anyone that’s unaware with┬áSierpinski it’s basically made out of lots of tiny triangles to create the image you see below.

I have rendered these fractals in 4k at high settings so the file size is 24mb, so I have provided a smaller version and have linked to the full size images:

Galaxy #1
Galaxy #2
Sierpinski #1
Sierpinski #2

Galaxy Fractal #1: Default Zoom

Galaxy Fractal #2: 3x Zoom

Sierpinski Fractal #1: Default Zoom

Sierpinski Fractal #2: 1.5x Zoom